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A co-creative space for creators to create! We provide workspaces & studios for content creation, workshops, gatherings, & coworking!

Creative Spaces


We've conquered a suite in a sweet location Downtown Norfolk. We call it the "Brandbox Co+Lab", a creative space for content creators to be inspired, build, network, and chill. Grab a desk or record a podcast, or host a course. We have 685sqft of shared space and equipment for you and/or your team. 

Creative Purposes

In our spaces, our guests can create content such as podcasts, vlogs, host a small conference, and much more. Our purpose is to provide spaces, equipment, and professionals, while giving creative control for our members to create unapologetically. 

Creative purposes

Our Amenities 


Podcast Room

Podcast Room

Secured Rooms 

Digital Check-ins

Our add-ons